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Books on Beds

Are you living in the VIU dorms this school year? Did you know that you can order your books through our website and have them shipped over to residence for free so that they're waiting at the VIU Residences Cedar Activity Center for you to pickup.

So Parents and Students when you are ordering the students books online through the VIU Bookstore website the Books on Beds option will be listed in there as a free shipping option, available for students in residence.

Parents or Students who want order their books over the phone for students in Residence can do this as well. The books will still be delivered to Residence this way. They can do this by calling 250-740-6200.

For more information please contact Student Residence at or the VIU Bookstore at or by calling 250-740-6200.

Books on Beds - Student Residence
Are you living in the VIU dorms this school year? Order your books online and have them delivered to residence for FREE! Just select Books on Bed for your shipping method.
For more information contact the VIU Bookstore ( or VIU Residences (!