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Our January 2018 semester is now available.

Before proceeding with your online order please note:

We now accept Debit/Credit Cards as a method of payment

Used Books- Inventory of used textbooks varies from minute-to-minute during peak buying times at the beginning of each semester. In some cases, the used textbook you select may not be available when we pick your order. Please select the option to substitute a NEW textbook if you wish to replace your used textbook with a new.More info

Delivery Options for Online Orders

  • To your home - select Shipping within Vancouver Island, Shipping within BC, Shipping within Canada or US Shipping
  • VIU Residence - select Books on Bed/Pick Up @ Res Front Desk
  • Powell River Campus - select Powell River Interoffice Mail
  • Cowichan Campus Store - select Cowichan Interoffice Mail

Pick-up Options for Online Orders

  • Nanaimo Campus Store - select Pick up @ Nanaimo Campus Store

Please allow 1 business day for the web order to be processed prior to picking it up. There is a lineup specifically designated for pick-ups so you can bypass the start of semester lineup. A handling fee of $4.00 will be applied to your order. Please be prepared to provide ID.

Shipping & Handling Charges will be added to your purchase.

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