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VIU Bookstore Donation Policy

VIU Campus Store Donation Policy

While the VIU Campus Store would like to support as many VIU student activities as we can, there is a limited budget for donations. Any donations are an expense to the Campus Store's operations and must be justified. Due to the large volume of donation requests, we have developed the following donation policy:

  • The VIU Campus Store will consider donating retail products to activities that support the greater VIU student community rather than a small interest group. For example, a campus-wide initiative will receive more consideration than a request which only benefits a small number of students.
  • The VIU Campus Store will not donate to any individual or group organization that does not meet this basic requirements.

How to Apply:

Every donation request must be accompanied by a letter giving as much information about your organization, the event and how it relates to VIU's educational aims. Please clearly explain the nature and purpose of your event in order to help us determine whether or not we can make an appropriate donation.

  • Please designate one point of contact within your organization for coordinating the donation.
  • Please let us know how our donation will be acknowledged.
  • Submit your request as early as possible. We request a minimum of 10 business days to consider and fulfill donation requests.

There are no exchanges or refunds on donation items.
Please note that only those who have been selected will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.