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Custom Courseware

  1. Custom Courseware: A Definition
  2. Copyright Guidelines
  3. Internet Materials
  4. How to Create a Custom Courseware Package
  5. How to Create a Master Copy
  6. Copyright Questions

Custom Courseware: A Definition

Custom courseware packages are collections of material from a variety of sources, compiled into a package format, and sold at the campus store. Many instructors use these packages to customize material for their courses. Courseware is often less expensive than a textbook, depending on the size of the package and copyright fees.

Copyright Guidelines (for material resold to be resold in the Campus Store)

All material not written by the Instructor must have copyright clearance. The Campus Store pays a price per page for use of this material, in accordance with the agreement made with Access Copyright (Canada's copyright agency). There are strict guidelines as to how much material can be copied for resale, as determined by Access Copyright and/or the copyright owner.

20% of any repertoire work (textbook, trade book, magazine, etc) may be copied for resale

When you submit your package to the Campus Store, we will check to ensure that you have met these guidelines. If you wish to copy more than these amounts, we will contact the publisher for you. However, in most cases these requests are refused, or are very expensive.

Internet Materials

Materials obtained from the internet are not covered by VIU's copyright agreement. Permission to use such materials must be obtained from the source. If you would like to use this type of material, check the website for copyright information. The campus store requires written permission to print this material.

How to Create a Custom Courseware Package

Step 1

Gather the material you wish to use for your package. Follow the tips below on How to Create a Master Copy when you photocopy the material. The better the original material, the better the final version that your students will read. You will need to submit a complete paper copy to the Campus Store as the Master Copy.

Step 2

Fill out a Copyright Reference Sheet (available online) for each portion of the package taken from another source. Please complete the entire form to avoid delays in processing. Print the forms and attach to each portion of the package when you submit it to the Campus Store.

Step 3

Fill out a Custom Courseware Adoption Form. List the title of your package (which will go on the cover page). Print the form and attach a copy to the top of the package that you submit to the campus store.

Step 4

Submit all the materials, with attached forms, to the Campus Store. The Campus Store will check to ensure that you are within Access Copyright guidelines, and will record the reference information in a log that will later be submitted to Access Copyright. We will then submit your package to the Printshop. It will be returned to the Campus Store for pricing and shelving.

How to Create a Master Copy

Important: The quality of the copy you submit will affect the quality of the package that your students will read.

  • Photocopy pages so that they are readable. Faded or distorted originals will reproduce poorly.
  • Copy on 8.5 x 11 white paper only, single sided.
  • Eliminate black edges by cutting it off, and taping clean document on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper.
  • Separate distinct sections with a piece of coloured paper.
  • Ensure that you include the following on the first page of each section:
    • A copyright symbol, and credit to the publisher, artist and author.
    • This statement:
      • This material has been copied under license from Access Copyright. Resale or further copying of this material is strictly forbidden.

Copyright Questions

Please contact Janice Speed for specific questions about your custom courseware package. Phone: 740-6205

If you have additional questions about copyright guidelines, feel free to contact Access Copyright directly at