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Regalia Rentals

The Campus Store rents regalia to students for convocation and graduation ceremonies. Students must order their regalia by the deadlines indicated below in order to have a cap, hood and gown available for the ceremony.

Students will receive a Regalia Order Form via email approximately 3 months before the convocation ceremony. Rental deposits and full rental fees can be paid at the Campus Store or with the online order form below.

Student Rental Fees

Refundable Deposit $50.00
For more information please email

All students are charged a deposit of $50.00 when they order their regalia. This deposit is returned when the regalia is returned in good condition and by the deadlines indicated on the order form.

$25.00 non-refundable late fee if order is received after November. 12, 2018

Regalia will be available to pick up at the Nanaimo Campus Store one to two days before the ceremony. Check your order form for exact dates.

Regalia can be returned immediately after the ceremony (at the Nanaimo Campus Store or at the Vancouver Island Conference Center) or the following day at the Nanaimo Campus Store. Anyone who returns their regalia after the date indicated on the order form will be charged additional rental fees of $5 per day.

Online Fillable Regalia Forms

Master Rental Form

Advanced/ Graduate/ Post-Degree Diploma Student Regalia Rental Form

Bachelor Rental Form

Diplomas and Certificates Rental Form

Trades Diploma and Certificate Student Rental Form

NON-TRADES Diploma and Certificate Student Rental Form


NON Trades - Faculty and Staff Rental Form

Trades Faculty and Staff Rental Form

PDF Downloadable Copy of Regalia Forms

Bachelors Rental Form

Advanced/ Diploma / Post-Degree Diploma / Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate Student Regalia Rental Form

Masters Rental Form

Non Trades Diplomas and Certificates Form

Trades Diplomas and Certificates Form

Trades Faculty Rental Form

Regular Faculty Rental Form