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Buyback Schedule

Nanaimo Campus
  Every Friday 10am to 3pm
Cowichan Campus
  Every Friday 10am to 3pm

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How Buyback Works

The Campus Store will buy back a book that it requires for courses offered at VIU. We also buy back books that are being used at other universities across Canada. If we do not know if a specific book is going to be used again, we will NOT buy the book back until an instructor has reordered it.

If a student brings in a textbook that is not currently required, the campus store staff will often advise the student to return at a later date to try again.

Prices Paid for Used Books

These prices are paid if the book is in resaleable condition (we reserve the right to make this determination), and whether or not it was purchased new or used.

50% of current retail price If the book is required at VIU for the next semester, and if the VIU Campus store has not exceeded its required supply of the book and the book is in very good condition (few highlights, no missing pages, and few watermarks).
35% of current retail price If the book is listed in our database as required at another university in Canada
2% - 30% If the book is not being used at VIU or other Canadian universities, but is in our database as wanted by a used book wholesaler